Choose One Crystal Ball To Receive Your Message From Spirit For The New Year


Everyone has been feeling the effects of the intense energies these days, and with these energetic influences you may notice you’re super-sensitive and touchy.

With all of this going on, it is helpful to turn to spirit for a little guidance. If you’re curious to find out what spirit’s message is for you for this upcoming new year, select one crystal ball.


If you chose the pink crystal ball:

Things are moving forward quickly and its time to set some new goals and intentions!

Life has been moving at a fast pace and it seems that things are finally gaining momentum, what a perfect time to set some new goals for this new chapter of your life.

Start by going within and working out what your hearts desire truly is.

Write down the things that make you happy and then go for it! While results may not be instant, think of your thoughts as a boomerang, shooting straight up into the heavens.

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While you are waiting for it to return to you, continue setting your positive thoughts and intentions. The message from the Universe is clear- set your intentions now for they will be delivered!


If you chose the teal crystal ball:

It is time to let go of the past. Too much of you is stuck on what was rather than looking to the now.

While it is important to grieve and allow yourself time to heal, there is no benefit in re-telling the same old stories to yourself again and again.

Leave the past where it is and look forward now. You are being called on to take the present moment into your hands and make of it what you can.

The power is in your hands to change the future and the only way you can do that is by changing your awareness to the present moment.

In order to release the past, try writing it down or confiding in a friend, allow yourself one last chance to re-hash the old emotions and then let it go. You will not be able to move forward until you do.


If you chose the purple crystal ball:

Boundaries are not a bad thing if they are constructed consciously and with guided intention. It is time for you to put some of these boundaries in place because too much of you is scattered!

By having clear boundaries, you give you life a little structure and guidance which is exactly what you need to focus on right now.

You need to focus on taking responsibility for things that are not going to plan and to stop spreading your time and energy amongst people and situations that are no longer serving your higher purpose.

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Its time to take inventory, as daunting as it all sounds, it will be your biggest ally right now. It is also the perfect time to clear out the house to reduce clutter.


If you chose the green crystal ball:

It is time to connect. To connect to those around you, to connect to your self and to connect to nature.

You are not alone, you are part of the great web of the Universe and you must remember that every one, every thing- plant, animal or otherwise is connected by a greater force.

You can feel it, sometimes you can even see it, but now it’s time to put it to practice.

Remove the mask you have been wearing and allow yourself to make a real, true connection.

Start with yourself and then explore outwards. Connect with plants, animals and then finally, you will be ready to make a real connection with others.

If you are having relationship problems or issues at work, chances are all you need to do is connect. Try seeing things from their point of view.

Step out of your ego, into consciousness and ask, how can I connect to this situation to bring about the highest good?



Source: mysticalraven


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