Make A Wish & Pick A Tarot Card For Your Likely Outcome



When you have a wish you want to come true, consult you’re Make a Wish Tarot and make it happen! This mystical Tarot reading allows you to focus deeply on a wish and choose a Tarot card from the deck. The card will reveal the likely outcome of your wish!


Card 1: The Moon

Your thoughts are potent and concise gems that should be approached with a calm mind. The Moon card indicates that the granting of your wish unfolds.

You are in the early stages. More ideas surface as you travel the path of gradual progress. You rise higher with each step you take. Pay close attention to what your thoughts dwell a great deal on now. Really think it through.


Card 2: The Lovers

Someone is out of sync with their awareness of the truth. Today, someone might need to be objective about whether one person is more committed than the other is.

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That is not a bad thing. Lovers might be better friends wherein the right destiny is like an unfinished dance. If this sounds familiar, whether in love or other areas of life, set someone free, even if that person is you.

Card 3: The Emperor

You no longer have to deal with the endless repetition of what you have already experienced. We are always working in progress, but so far, your reinvention works well and you are on the right track.

If your wish involves a relationship, you do not have to be a prisoner of ‘love’ (and you should look at that carefully) if you choose not to be. It’s a 50/50 proposition.

Card 4: The Hermit

Your wish says you have let yourself daydream. Something is igniting your interest. Now, low and behold, you can make your inspired ideas happen.

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It is just the right moment for the new. You can do it one way or another. It is just a matter of time if your wish is about love. Here too, something is already in the works. The Hermit promises a deliciously different encounter.

Card 5: The Judgement

The Judgement card says that you get a few steps closer to your wish once a previous debt is paid. You know what that is. Could it be that you’ve never properly apologized?

It makes you and another feel better. Do you owe the repayment of a past kindness? Someone will be happy with a thank you from the bottom of your heart. Make efforts and truly mean them.


Card 6: Death

Death is a harbinger of dramatic personal renewal and transformation. Open your arms wide and say “welcome” to a new and improved version.

A decision is associated with your wish. It is necessary and there is great happiness when you make it. The idea behind this card is to avoid making the usual automatic choice. The only valuable old thing here is a lesson from a past experience.

Card 7: The Tower

The Tower is a ticket to bright prospects and new opportunities. Old wishes continue to be unrealized goals and unfinished projects that keep you stuck and from choosing new goals.

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Now is the time to rethink your wish, because something is coming up. Something will happen. What creates satisfaction for you at this time in your life? You are the only one who knows and you can’t kid yourself.

Card 8: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is an intuitive card. Your wish is a vision that beckons you. Your wish is possible because up to this point, you have set up the right conditions to ensure it happens.

It is not too late, however, if you didn’t. What you know instinctively holds the key to success. If yours is a love question, someone is talking, and now you sense the message behind what they say.


Source: moon-child


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