Psychologists Say The Tree Your Eye Is Drawn To Reveals Your Dominant Personality Trait

Psychologists-Say-The-Tree-Your-Eye-Is-Drawn-To-Reveals-Your-Dominant-Personality-Trait.jpgNobody can deny that as technology takes over our lives, we are rapidly losing touch with the natural world.

How often do you sit at home and binge on Netflix or spend hours scrolling down your Instagram feed rather than taking a walk in the woods, or a trip to the ocean or lake?

Research has found that spending time in nature is enough to improve our health, happiness and psychological well-being. We have a strong connection to animals and plants.

Psychologists have used this connection to discover hidden parts of our personalities. Look at the trees above and choose the one you are most drawn to. Then scroll down and discover what it says about you!


1. Romantic

People who are drawn to this tree have a very romantic view of the world. They are optimists who believe in interacting with the world from a place of love and care.

They are true believers in soul mates and often prefer serious relationships to being single, although this sometimes means settling for second best for the sake of comfort.

They can also sometimes be blinded by love, which can sometimes allow them to be taken advantage of.


2. Creative

People who choose this tree are creative types. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are artistically or musically inclined.

People who fall into this category may also use their creativity in other avenues such as science or entrepreneurship.

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They are innovative thinkers and are able to come up with unique solutions to problems that others may not be able to see.


3. Nurturing

People who are drawn to this tree are caring, supportive people who often take on the mother or father role. Because of this, they are often very good with children or animals.

Nurturing comes naturally and that’s why their friends always look to them for comfort or a shoulder to cry on. They don’t mind this though, in fact, they enjoy taking on the role of psychologist, nurse or caregiver.


4. Honest

People who are drawn to this tree are never afraid to speak their minds. They are straightforward people who don’t play games, but rather like to get to the point quickly.

Friends know that they can be counted on for their honest opinions, even if it’s not what the friends would like to hear. These people may sometimes be mistaken for being rude, although that is not their intention. They just like to say it as it is.


5. Energetic

People who choose this tree tend to have high energy levels. They are quite talkative and social and enjoy doing a range of activities.

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You won’t usually find this person sitting around doing nothing. Instead, they prefer to be active, whether that means doing some sort of physical activity or seeking mental stimulation.


6. Whimsical

People who choose this tree tend to be whimsical and playful. They have a childlike sense about them that people are drawn to.

They look at the world with awe and wonder, and many people find this endearing. However, their whimsical tendencies sometimes lead them to be somewhat naive, leaving them too trusting for their own good.


7. Reliable

People who choose this tree can almost always be counted on. They are people who stay true to their word and can be trusted to stick to their commitments.

Beyond that, they are also often happy to go above and beyond what is expected of them.

They don’t mind putting in the extra effort for somebody they care about, or even for somebody they may not know that well. In this way, they are good at creating and maintaining solid friendships.


8. Unique

People who choose this tree are certainly not afraid to stand out in a crowd. They are not one to follow trends or give in to peer pressure.

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Instead, they live by their own rules, regardless of what other people may think. They enjoy being unique in both thought and appearance and are always authentic and genuine in their approach to other people as well as their own experiences.


9. Patient

People who choose this tree are very often patient beings. They do not let situations or people get to them, but rather go with the flow of life.

They realize that everything has a time and place, and therefore approach difficult situations with a sense of calm. It takes a lot to crack people who fall into this category as they are characterized by the ease they bring into any situation.


Source: mysticalraven



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