If You Possess 10 Of These 12 Qualities , You Are A True Wolf Among The Sheep


So what does it take to survive in the world which is ready to chop you down and gobble you up, the moment you look the other way?

What does it take to stand tall in a crowd and take a stand for something you believe in?

What does it take to defy all odds and protect all those you love? What does it take to be the shadow in the night, not be afraid of the dark, the silent warrior…the wolf? 

It takes a lot, to be vaguely blunt, to be that person who is truly a wolf. Grit, determination, drive and a constant thirst to excel are all parts of being the wolf.

On the other side, however, it is the true wolves among us, the true leaders of the pack, who remains in the background and keeps working while the sheep speak loudly and make a mess of things.

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So which one are you?

If you have 10 out of these 12 traits, you are a wolf in a herd of sheep. 

The Courage To Stand Out

The-Courage-To-Stand-Out-1.jpgHave you ever seen a wolf cower in fear? Our guess is no! A wolf never hides.

There’s something very primal about the beast which refuses to be intimidated.

If it has to, it would stand alone, fearless in the face of all odds.

If you have the courage to stand for yourself and the things you believe in, if you know inside yourself that you would not bow down or be intimidated, then you have one of the most important qualities of the wolf.



A wolf can be fierce and ferocious when provoked or threatened.

It is the fierceness born out of its courage and it shows in everything it does.

It is fierce when it hunts and also when it protects.

If you have this fierceness, the ability to take down your opponents, then there’s a good chance you would be a lot more like a wolf than a sheep. 



A wolf is as relentless as it is mysterious. Stalking through the shadows, it tires its prey before pouncing on it when the victim least expects it.

It doesn’t give up a hunt just because it is snowing.

It would follow, single-mindedly, and with stubborn persistence till it gets what it wants.

If you, therefore, have this single-minded, relentless approach towards your goal then rest assured, you have a cardinal wolf trait in you.



A wolf never bows to an inferior, but it does concede to someone truly superior.

This is what true pride means, accepting and learning from someone better and standing firm against someone inferior.

This is what makes wolves adaptive and dangerous as they can position themselves based on the adversary they face.

If you are good at gauging your opponents well and can adapt to take them down, then you are almost the wolf you need to be.

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Never threaten a wolf or the one it protects for it would tear you into pieces or die trying, never letting you harm the one under its protection. 

Their loyalty stems from their protective nature and they can be fierce when it comes to loyalty, too.

If you, too, have this instinct of protecting those you love at all costs, if you too, would rather lay down your life than see them get hurt, then your loyalty and protective nature matches that of the wolf.


November 8, 2017

A true wolf is a leader. It leads a pack for a hunt, for exploration, and for survival (other wolves follow, but we are talking about the true alpha here).

It takes care of the pack, sees to it that the weak are protected and the young ones are fed.

If you have this killer instinct to lead, to survive and to take care of your people, then you are as close to being a wolf as you can.


Wild And Raw

Wild-And-Raw-1.jpgA wolf never cares for how it is perceived. It is a wolf, raw and wild.

A wolf never conforms and always remains true to its nature. It doesn’t change, it adapts.

It never forgets that it is wild by nature, and so it acts that way at all times.

If you, too, disagree to conform and you live every moment the way your heart desires, then there’s little you need to do, to be a wolf.



A wolf is nothing if not free. A wild beast, it is a spirit which cannot be bound.

You can capture a wolf but never contain it.

A wolf is born free and dies free, on its own terms.

If you, too, feel the free spirit beating with your heart, if you, too, feel the need to rebel against conformity and wish to set a trail for yourself then there’s a wolf in you waiting to come out.

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Get What You Deserve

Get-What-You-Deserv.jpgNature’s justice is the justice of the wolf. Kill or be killed but protect with your life.

Treat me well and I’ll return the favor, threaten me and I’ll unleash hell’s wrath upon you, is the principle a wolf acts on.

And why not? It is nature’s most beautiful mystery.

If you have the same principle guiding your life and your actions then rest assured, the wolf within you is alive and thriving.

No Mercy

no-mercy.jpgKindness for those who deserve it and none for those who don’t (straight, simple and honest).

A wolf shows no mercy when threatened, no slack when it hunts and no let-up when it stalks its prey.

This is what makes the wolf so deadly.

If you too, have this instinct driving your personality then you may actually be the wolf others are pretending to be.

Night’s Your Ally


The child of the night, the warrior in the shadows and the mystery of the darkness, the night is a wolf’s ally and constant companion.

If you too, find your true-self coming alive at nights, you find yourself most active when the sun goes down and you find that it is only during the night that your inner being thrives the most, then there’s a wolf in you waiting to be let out.

The Loner Self

November 8, 2017

A wolf may hunt in packs but a wolf is a true loner. It would live in isolation, away from everyone else.

It would explore alone and venture into places where others won’t dare, all alone.

It cares not for a company; if it has it then good if not…better.

If you too know this feeling, of being your very best when alone, then you know exactly what we are talking about and you already know that you are a wolf, in spirit and in action.

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