Select The Animal That Calls To You To Find Out What Shamanic Energy Is Working With You

Select-The-Animal-That-Calls-To-You-To-Find-Out-What-Shamanic-Energy-Is-Working-With-You.jpgWhen we connect with shamanic energy, we are working with the elements as well as the animal kingdom for healing, guidance, and for a deeper understanding about our life paths and purposes.

To find out which shamanic energy would be best for you to work with at this time in your life, select the animal that you feel an energy pull towards.

1. Turtle –

At this time in your life you may need a little bit of extra protection from outside influences.

The protection may be from other people’s negative words and behavior.

It is so important that we try to keep ourselves and our environments as energetically clean and clear as possible.

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You may need to sage yourself and your environment more frequently and make a conscious effort to limit your time with unhealthy situations so that you can stay on track and keep things positive. 

2. Blue Jay –

Blue Jays are known for their fierceness and determination.

They will stop at nothing to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their homes.

It would serve you well to adopt the attitude and fight of the Blue Jay to set some serious boundaries around yourself and what is important to you.

This is not the time to be submissive and complacent.

There are others that are waiting to step right in and take what is rightfully yours or you might have to fend off some bullies and set the record straight.

Either way, don’t back down and set some healthy, strong, and necessary boundaries.

3. Bumble Bee –

If you have chosen the Bumble Bee, then it’s time to get busy in your life and bring your dreams into reality.

Bees are hard workers and don’t stop until their goal is accomplished.

They also work as a team and all work equally hard towards a common goal.

Is everyone in your colony working at the same pace? Are you working along like-minded people?

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If all feels fair and everyone is putting forth the same effort, then you are on the right track.

If things are a bit out of place and some aren’t doing their fair share then maybe it’s time to move on to surround yourself with those who have the same goals and determination.




Source: awakeningpeople


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