Which Zodiac Sign Lies the Most? Which sign can I trust?

Which Zodiac Sign Lies the Most

I always smile when they make this kind of general question about the signs, but I also have great respect for these demands because they show a common need in all of us human beings: the need to find means to understand others.

I smile because I think that if the Astrologer answer to a question like that, without making distinctions, would be a resounding or deception, or a dangerous discipline in fitting people in the characteristics of their sign.

The truth is more sophisticated than that, that is to say, that Scorpio is the liar and Aries the most direct. But, of course, astrology can give us important tools to understand the propensity of an individual to “beautify”, “manipulate”, “edit” the reality. And it does, of course, through the features of his chart.

The ultimate goal of this article will be to create a kind of “grid” of assessment for ourselves to see who can be more prone to “lie” based on its theme.

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Let’s start by saying that even more than the sign of a person’s propensity to lie is highlighted by his Mercury, the planet that is in the theme that governs the communicative functions, and, in my opinion, even by his Mars, or the planet that explains as the person tends to move in the world to get what they want.

The ascendant also has its effect. Certainly, then, crossing the information we have on the sign of a person, with the ones we have on his ascending, Mercury and his Mars gives us a good starting point for understanding the propensity to lie of the person we are examining.

Keep in mind that the more of the relevant factors (Sun, Ascendant, Mercury, and Mars) a person has in the signs “more liars” or “more inclined to a personal vision of reality”, – the more this individual will be tempted to provide versions “distorted” from facts.

So let’s see the individual signs, making it clear that I am not talking about the people of that sign, but the general features of that archetype, which will impact on a person based on how many of the elements mentioned above the person has in the sign.


Which Zodiac Sign Lies the Most?

1.) Aries

aries liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacIt is considered one of the signs less prone to lie. The reason? It’s a direct sign that generally doesn’t fear confrontation. So, with the exception of personal particular moments, (with strong plutonic influences for example), people who have many planets (or ascendant) in this sign does not feel the need to alter reality because it is ready to support its vision and choices.

It can lie if the lie is used to defend or protect someone, but they tend to find it hard to remember and in his haste to speak is likely to be discovered. In essence: the lie requires more energy for the Aries than the cost of facing the other and say, “Yes, that’s how it is, so what?”. And this Aries knows, therefore, has less desire to lie. All contrary, at the end of the day direct confrontation amuses him so: why lie then? But beware the Aries of the ‘70s that have some element of extra complexity.

Pinocchio level: 1 of 5


2.) Taurus

taurus liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacThis sign has no particular tendency to lie. They do not want to complicate their life, do not like elaborate complex plans and have a pragmatic taste for things. They are not afraid to struggle if they have to, and they do it with patience and dedication, without feeling, therefore, any particular need to find shortcuts lying.

They might resort to alterations of reality essentially because of mental laziness, or to slow down the changes they do not want to deal with, but basically, it is a reliable sign. Generally, a Taurus will do what they say.

Pinocchio level: 2 of 5


3.) Gemini

gemini liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacIs considered a liar sign par excellence, but I do not share this vision. Gemini knows how to see the multifaceted surface of the situations and, therefore, they know perfectly well that the truth is not monolithic, that is not always easy to draw a line between the true and the false, and between right and wrong. That’s why when he/she speaks in a more casual way Geminis are not going to lie. They simply know that the truth is in constant motion.

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Gemini is the gentleman in the gray areas because he knows that time changes everything, and then his motto in this field could be “And if we tell a lie, it is a failure that sooner or later the truth will come true “. However, if I have to give a vote, of course, it will rank among the most prone to lie.

Pinocchio level: 3.5 of 5.


4.) Cancer

cancer liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacThis sign is a mystery in the sense that it is not necessarily a liar, but it lives situations so deeply emotionally that ends up recalling and telling them according to its “biased” personal experience. The reality of cancer can be very different from how others see it.

If anything we could say that the cancer is more prone to manipulation than to lie in the strict sense: to calm down and feel safe trying to have control over the behavior of others and to get this control manipulates them, sometimes without even realizing it fully into account, also by changing the contours of the events. In these two ways, we can say that Cancer is a bit ‘inclined to represent reality in a personal way.

Pinocchio level: 3.5 of 5.


5.) Leo

leo liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacLeo is not a liar sign, if anything, they tend to “beautify” or “exaggerate” the reality. The kind of lie that is more inclined, rather than direct to hit others, it is the time to give it luster, but often in his mind what for some are “alterations” to them are nothing but objective reality. The Leo magnifies its labors, its achievements, the challenges it faced, the comments others have made about them. But it is not a professional liar since like all the signs of fire is too impulsive to plan elaborate handling plans.

Unlike the case of heavy narcissists Leos: these subjects that tend to lie they do it to create a reality that is consistent with their grandiose visions, or to ensure that others are put in their service and offer them what they want. But we are talking about pathological cases of strongly Leo personalities with a full houses scenes.

Pinocchio level: 2.5 out of 5. For lion narcissists: 5 out of 5.


6.) Virgo

virgo liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacThis is one of the signs less likely to lie. The Virgo pursues a “cosmic order” lens that is not compatible with the easy lie. When it lies, it does it with difficulty going against the grain, for a specific reason. Indeed, we could say that sometimes the Virgo is all too hard and Taliban in demanding rigor and clarity in relationships, rigor which is not always compatible with the fragile nature of human beings, less perfect than the Virgo does not want to accept.

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If you surprisingly catch a Virgo lie you will find out that they have essentially done for some kind of “discretion” or adherence to external social expectations. Alternatively, the Virgo can lie to cover their own fault (because they tolerate their mistakes even less those of others), but it is unlikely (unless a particular trembles native) they will resort to lies to deceive or manipulate.

Pinocchio level: 1 out of 5


7.) Libra

libra liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacI could not define a lying Libra, rather undecided or afraid to give life to interpersonal conflicts. If they have to lie they would do it for two main reasons: not to displease someone or to delay as much as possible a clear stance on something they cannot decide. It ‘s rare for a Libra to lie to get something for themselves at the expense of others.

It’s very hard for the Libra to say something unpleasant bluntly so they tend to slip into a “social lie” aimed at maintaining the quiet life rather than to deal with a potential confrontation. Some Aries or Capricorn would call this “hypocrisy”, but in reality, it is more accurate to call it a strong desire – sometimes compulsive – to maintain a balanced situation around them and avoid conflicts. Even in this case, however, beware of Libras of the 70’s.

Pinocchio level: 3 of 5


8.) Scorpio

scorpio liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacSaying everything clearly and transparently it is a very difficult task to them. It seems to put them naked in front of others and this makes them feel too helpless and out of control. Whether it is for a form of self-protection, to a desire to influence others, or to a need to control an environment they try to “bend reality” to a more favorable version of them.

In short, we can say that Scorpio can be a wonderful and deep mark, and really honest in its feelings, as well as brutally direct at times, but it certainly does not feel particularly uncomfortable in lying and especially in omitting. But remember to look at the issue as a whole and not just the sign!

Pinocchio level: 5 out of 5.


9.) Sagittarius

sagittarius liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacIt is not a particular liar sign since like all the signs of fire is too immediate and direct to hatch plots and spend energy in manipulative schedules. However, his optimism leads him to think that will get what he wants without having to draw too complicated plans. Also, not having a particular inclination to memorize the details, when the Sagittarius lie, they’re likely to forget the details of the stories they invent and end up ruining it with their hands. They know this and, therefore, after some early childhood/adolescent experience, tend to avoid it.

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If anything they might lie unconsciously to an excess of confidence in what they are told, which they “sell” without too much critical analysis, or because of an excess of superficiality. Sure, but if you are dealing with a Sagittarius with a lot of personal planets in Scorpio or born in the years 1995 to 2008 some trend to cover up might show up more easily. In general, however, they tend to be a positive and impulsive sign that do not particularly like the lies.

Pinocchio level: 2 out of 5


10.) Capricorn

capricorn liar taurus liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacIt’s not a liar sign, at least they do not think that telling lies is provided in their role. What does it mean? That a state head Capricorn can lie smoothly if they think that is one of their institutional duty, a father Capricorn can lie if it considers it necessary to give an educational lesson to his son, a Capricorn mother can resort to subterfuges to protect the offspring or family and so on.

Sometimes the Capricorn can lie because he feels the need to preserve or enhance its public image, but in the DNA of this sign, the lie is not covered. Capricorn is certainly not diplomatic, and if they have any comments or criticisms they would rather tend to be too direct. In short: Capricorn is basically correct in relationships and explicit in communicating their thoughts. But always it depends on the theme.

Pinocchio level: 1.5 of 5


11.) Aquarius

aquarius liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacThe end justifies the means: this could be the reason why an Aquarius may use the lie. If he firmly believes in the “rightness” of his idea he is ready to lie to bring it forward. It is a sign rather alien to lie for the sake of convenience. They do not feel the need to adhere to external expectations or cover their behavior not entirely in line with the “common sense” and because of this hypocrisy rarely is part of the way this sign acts.

The Aquarius however, tends to intellectualize: not feel particular regret for the decisions he makes and if they have to lie, they will quickly list 5 reasons why “it is fair to do so.” Aquarius is not a manipulator sign but has a certain “ease” in bending reality to his vision, not that entirely alien. In fact, especially if it involves a greater good. Aquarius would think that lying is not a sin.

Pinocchio level: 3 out of 5.


12.) Pieces

pisces liar Which sign can I trust Who lies the most, in the ZodiacPiece’s world must be understood: they don’t simply lie but it is particularly hard for them to define what the truth is. Their vision of the world is full of imagination and often the line between desire and reality for them is not so defined: they love to believe what they want. Pieces more than tending to deception, tend to self-deception or are likely to lie because they tell themselves a reality of their own. Obviously, the issue is evaluated as a whole. It must be said that the Pieces tend to be adaptable and, therefore, often “model” for humans or the contexts that surround them.

If you encounter a Pieces in two different environments you might not recognize it: it could speak and act as if it were two different people. But it is not manipulation, it’s only a great skill to align environmental circumstances and the needs of others. Some Pieces may possibly fall into an unconscious form of manipulation of others connected to the victimization attitudes (but it depends very much on the subject) but rarely lie “maliciously” and in premeditation. Certainly not the most rigorous and reliable sign of the Zodiac.

Pinocchio level: 3.5 out of 5.

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