Your Egyptian Love Tarot

Tap into the ancient wisdom of the pharaohs to find answers and guidance in your love life with your Egyptian Love Tarot reading…

Choose a card, 1 2 3 or 4…


Card 1 – The Empress

The Empress card indicates a time of fruitfulness and expansion in matters of love and romance. You have the opportunity now to manifest and attract an abundance of pleasurable experiences in relationships.

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Due to the fertile and feminine nature of this card, children may be an issue that arises in a new or ongoing relationship. Take precautions if this is not an option that you are interested in pursuing.

Card 2 – The Fool

The Fool card in matters of love advises you to take a leap into the unknown with an open heart.

Relationships may feel new and exciting now and offer you many opportunities for growth and change if you can allow yourself to take a leap of faith and try something different.

Overall, the more you can try to keep things flexible and go with the flow, the greater your love rewards will be.

Card 3 – Death

Though the Death card might seem scary at first, its only real meaning is change and transformation. You can create positive and revolutionary movement in your love relationships right now by stripping away any old and unnecessary patterns and habits that you think may have been holding you back.

As you get closer to the “essential you,” you will feel more empowered and confident in moving forward in your relationships with others.


Card 4 – Strength

This card indicates that you are driven by your desires now, as the “wild beast” within propels your actions. This is a time to learn how to gently tame your inner beast, particularly in the realm of love and romance.

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Though it is good to know what you want, this card also teaches how to obtain the self-discipline to patiently and carefully work toward your desires while simultaneously keeping the flame of passion alive.


Source: moon-child


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