Which Tarot Card Depicts Your Life Path According to Your Birthday

Which-Tarot-Card-Depicts-Your-Life-Path-According-to-Your-Birthday.jpgEver wonder how exactly when you’re born impacts who you are? From zodiac sun signs to moon signs, the date you arrive in the world can provide you with insight into who you are through the Chinese Zodiac

. Your birthdate can also be a numeric association with tarot cards to reveal even more about your personality and life path.

How to Determine Your Tarot Card Number 


  • Step One: Add Up each digit of your birthday. Someone born on 1-1-1980, for example, would add 1+1+1+9+8+0, the sum of which is 20.


  • Step Two: Reduce the sum to a single number by adding each individual number together. So, the 20 from above would be 2+0, the sum of which is 2.


This is how you get your life path number, which is connected to one of nine tarot cards.

What Does My Life Path Number Mean?


Once you have your single digit life path number, use it to determine much about who you are and your personality. I’m a two and it couldn’t be a more accurate fit.


Ones: The Magician

Ones are optimistic, believing in the sea of endless possibilities. Your power and confidence radiate from within, making you a natural born leader.

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Goals are set, you attack them without hesitation, and are always searching for the next big accomplishment. In your ambitious endeavors and need to be in control, you may tend toward stubbornness, but it’s only in an effort to remain successful.


Twos: The High Priestess 

You either know the answer or know how to find the answer. “I don’t know” simply isn’t in your vocabulary and very few things are to be taken lightly.

The psychic world shares a deep connection with you, leaving you highly intuitive and perceptive. While you aren’t a social creature because people find it difficult to break past your walls and really get to know you, you tend to always know people better than they know themselves.

You have stellar advice. Everything has a deeper meaning whereas your mentality is concerned, leaving you with a tendency to overly complicate the simple things.


Threes: The Empress 

Live life to the fullest is your motto. Indulging in what you want isn’t a problem for you, leaving many with the false assumption that you’re pretentious, possessive, and materialistic.

The assumption is partly true because you highly value your materialistic possessions and don’t part easily with them, but you also care very deeply for those around you.

Details are always noticed. You’re creative. Bluntness isn’t an issue, and you have no fear in asking for exactly what you want. You tend to keep your social circle fairly open and large.


Fours: The Emperor 

Steadiness is your friend and you’re always willing to put in the work, effort, and time to keep balance in your life. Routines are favorable. You show up on time and prepared, making you very reliable.

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People can always count on you to get the job done right, but your love of following the rules to the letter and being a stickler for perfection can make it difficult for others to work with you. Stubbornness and feeling like you’re always right can also impact your relationships.


Fives: The Hierophant 

You’re wise and have a gift for teaching. Listening and speaking are both strong suits for fives. You’re the great communicator. People often seek your counsel.

This can be exhausting for you since you have a hard time declining questions and teachable moments and saying no in general. History and tradition are greatly respected.

While you have an innate ability to know when courses should be stayed verses changed, you also tend to take the road of least resistance when you’re mentally fatigued. This combination often leaves you stuck analyzing the past.


Sixes: The Lovers 

As the card implies, you’re a romantic at heart, but you don’t necessarily place relationships as a top priority. The personality trait does, however, often make you look at things through unrealistic rose-colored glasses.

 New opportunities fuel your enthusiasm and creativity. Be careful, though, because too many ideas can distract you and result in a tendency to not follow through with things. Even temperament and fairness make you a good mediator.


Sevens: The Chariot 

Sevens don’t reflect and ponder the past in any great detail or length. You’re a forward thinker and mover that doesn’t procrastinate. Your life’s car is always in drive.

You set goals and take one forward rotation at a time to reach them. While you encourage others to work out their issues for the sake of moving forward, you can come off as bossy and have a one-track mind.

You crave unity so that jobs can get done more efficiently and expediently. Yet, you have a tendency to value your own ideas so much that you discount other people’s opinions and get frustrated when they don’t see the same path to success as yourself.


Eights: Strength 

You know exactly who you are and what you’re all about in life. Relationships are easy for compassionate and caring eights.

Natural confidence radiating from you is like a magnet to shy, meek, and mild-mannered individuals around you.

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Yet, your calmness often allows bolder, louder personalities to drown you out. You hold your feelings in, feel like they’re ignored, and then hold your feelings in even more as a result.


Nines: The Hermit 

Wise beyond your years, some may initially view you as a know-it-all. You’re constantly pondering, often to the point others may see you as flighty and distracted and you may indeed miss things actively going on around you.

What bystanders rarely understand is that you’re more deeply connected with the world than most. Solitude doesn’t bother you, and many may even label you as detached from society.

What’s your life path number? Has it resonated and shown you more about who you are? We’d love to hear your thoughts. 


Source:  meowgag


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