The Message The 2018 Fall Equinox Has For You, Based On Your Birth Month


August Women:

Have you been feeling bored with your looks, or even your life? Sometimes all it takes is one change to be able to turn your outlook around. The stars know that, at least. They’re telling us that you’re going to experience a great change in your looks this season. Try dying your hair darker, or doing a wardrobe revamp.

There’s nothing that a positive change can’t improve. Not to mention the fact that you’ll no doubt get a ton of attention from the people around you too. And knowing you August ladies, you love your attention.

Leos prefer to feel all the eyes on them all the time. They are a sun sign, after all. You women shine brighter than all the other stars, and it’s no surprise.

This fall you might find the attention slipping away as you get put into bigger and bigger lecture halls. Maybe that’s why the stars are saying you’re going to change your looks. We certainly support it!


August Men:

You’re going to discover a new… Pleasuring activity. One of the hallmarks of an August man is their passion for, well, passion. You guys are the dominating bunch, preferring a sweaty bedroom workout sesh than a trip to your local school gym. You’re always trying to build up your game, and we don’t blame you.

There’s something addicting about the physical response of pleasure, and you are much more prone to it than others. Sometimes, though, it can get repetitive.

Having been given the ultimate freedom now that you’re likely old enough to be out of the grasp of your parents/guardians has opened your world up.

You’re finally able to let your inner lion roar, and you’re trying everything under the sun on for size. This fall you’re going to discover something that you’ve never tried before that’s going to be super prevalent in all your future relationships.


September Women:

You masters of the mind, you smart ladies outsmarting your companions and opponents. This fall you’re going to find yourself learning how to say “NO!”.

While September ladies often prefer to keep to themselves, not letting many except their inner circle in, you also often have a hard time denying anyone anything.

Because you’re so hardworking you think that you can make time for everything. Unfortunately, you just can’t do it all!

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One day someone is going to come up to you and ask if you’ll help them while you’ll already be overwhelmed, and you’ll have no choice but to say “NO!” Don’t feel ashamed, guilty, or sad, though. You’re just learning how to look out for yourself.


September Men:

Don’t take this the wrong way; we’re sure you’re very smart guys, but there’s something in the stars that are telling us you’re going to end up failing. And not just one task; you’re going to fail a lot. Don’t take it too easy.

That’s a recipe for disaster. Most September men managed to skate by during high school on their super smarts and charm, but that doesn’t cut it out here in the real world. This fall, take a good look at your habits.

You are often very connected to your daily habits and rituals. You might need to change some around, though, if you’re serious about succeeding. At least, according to the stars, that is!


October Women:

You’re going to join an interesting debate. Even if you don’t like to argue, it’s not only in the stars, but it’s in your character. As a woman full of snap decisions (and maybe some indecision), October ladies are uniquely attuned to all sides of an argument.

They’re able to see both the good and the bad, the black and the white, and all things in between. October women are quick to take sides but are also just as quick to change them.

Your keen mind also makes you happy about finding facts, which tells us that you’ll be great at debating. Maybe you want to find out more about what it’s like to construct an argument, rather than working off a hunch.

Whatever the reason, you’ll soon discover your new passion: this fall, it’s taking down your opposition on any topic they give you.


October Men:

You’re going to make a move. And when we say “a move”, we mean a MOVE. Packing up all your stuff, traveling across the country, swapping apartments with your best friend; who knows what’s going to happen in your life to spark this sort of adventure.

Whatever it is, we’re sure that there’s more than enough stress in your life before. Unfortunately, because you’re one of the more indecisive months, you’re stuck second guessing yourself. That won’t happen this time, though.

You’ve finally had enough of living at home, or living with a bad roommate or being upset with your current situation. You’re putting your foot down and moving on up in the world.

You’re one to weigh your decisions carefully, which means you won’t be making an uninformed decision. Don’t worry; you’ll know when the time is right.


November Women:

Oooh, it’s bad luck for you, girlfriend. Your birth month puts you in the camp that makes secrets, jealousy, and distrust common negative traits. These aren’t all bad, though. “Negative” is a loose term.

If anything, those traits mean you don’t put up with other people who are secretive and jealous. Your bullsh** meter is on point, and you only surround yourself with loyal and honest people. That is, you used to up until some unspecified point this coming season. Your stars have all signs pointing to a big blow-up of a friendship.

Whether it’s between you and someone you just met or you and your BFF is irrelevant. We hope it’s not the latter, but that’s totally up to you.

The stars tell us that you’re going to reveal some secret a friend didn’t want to be revealed, and they’ll trace it back to you. It’s unfortunate, but hey… You probably did it for the best. You wouldn’t reveal a secret without a really, really good reason to… Right?


November Men:

As one of the most expressive months, November men have no trouble feeling whatever they’re feeling moment to moment. They go with the flow, and they tend to get both swept away in their emotions and stagnant in their pools of feelings, depending on the situation.

November men usually struggle with showing those emotions though and typically portray a calm and cool demeanor. This fall you’re going to break that demeanor by yelling at a friend. Maybe you’re going to feel that you were spoken to too harshly.

Maybe you’ll be asking for something but won’t be granted it, and that sets you off on a short-tempered rant about the nature of friendship and helping itself. Either way, this is going to be one of the first (and only) times your cool demeanor cracks.


December Women:

You’re going to burn out. We know, it seems unpleasant. We do see you crashing and burning after working as hard as you have been. Whether this is your first time feeling this kind of pressure, you certainly have quite the burden to bear. Most December ladies are used to working hard, though.

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They tend to promise a lot, and often end up delivering what they promise they will. Your enthusiasm causes you to jump in with both feet first, and often results in you saying “yes, yes, YES”. This leads to overwork and, eventually, burn out.

We recommend you take some time for yourself. Stretch the adventurous side of your sign and go take a day trip somewhere; you’ll find you’re refreshed and rejuvenated and may be able to keep this prediction from coming true.


December Men:

You’re going to see the world. We know, it seems silly. You’re in a dead-end job, you don’t have the money, you can’t afford to take the time off. Luckily you’ve got the birth month that makes things happen on your side.

December men are determined and motivated on top of being funny and smart. You’re also impatient, which is part of the reason this travel just can’t wait. Maybe it starts with a road trip on the weekend and then turns into a spring break vacation in Costa Rica. Either way, you’re going to find a way to get on one of those planes.

And knowing your easy-going nature and charisma it’s not impossible to think that you charmed your way onto a flight. Congratulations on an exciting future; take lots of pictures, and remember to bring back some cute souvenirs.

The energy of Equinox can be palpable, too, waves of transformation arising and catalyzing mega shifts on both a personal and planetary level.






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