5 Healing Crystals For Mental Health

healing crystals

Many people will struggle with some sort of mental illness in their lifetime, whether it is depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or otherwise. However, while there are a number of coping approaches, one that is little known is by the use of crystals.

Crystals have been used for ages in the practice of healing, spiritual work and more. And each crystal has the potential to do something different, depending on the types of energies which emanate from the stone. Thankfully, some stones even have properties that are thought to make them perfect for coping with various mental illness.

In the list below, I will cover five of my favorite stones for coping with unstable moods, depression and more. Please be advised that I am NOT a doctor, and I am not encouraging anyone to take my advice over a doctor’s, or encouraging anyone to stop taking their medication. What I am suggesting, however, is that you add crystals to your current mental health stability plan to see how they may benefit you.


Unakite is a wonderful healing stone for those who suffer from thoughts of constant fear, worry, anxiety or paranoia. Furthermore, unakite is quite effective and works quickly to heal negative thoughts.

Orange Calcite

Consider orange calcite to be the gold standard of mental health stones. Not only is this stone known to battle against depression, it also combats fear and other negative emotions. Furthermore, it can be used to cope with trauma, as well as a stone to aid in recuperation from a nervous breakdown.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is yet another wonderful stone for various mental health issues. It can be used to battle against poor self-esteem, as well as mood swings. Tiger’s eye is known for its stabilizing power, making it the perfect companion stone for those struggling with mood swings.

Smoky Quartz

Smokey quartz is a relatively inexpensive stone that provides immense healing powers against depression. If you feel frazzled, this stone can work to ground your energy and channel the extra energy that’s in your chakras so that it’s eliminated from your body. The energy that’s left is only positive. Due to this, quartz is wonderful for battling depression and anxiety.


Amber is wonderful for chasing away the blues. Not only that, but it can combat against seasonal effective disorder or the disorder in which the seasons can drastically affect your mood.

So How Do I Use these Stones for Their Healing?

There are a few different options, however, I will cover three of the most effective (in my opinion.)

The first is by creating a crystal grid. This can be done by writing down your intention on a piece of paper. For mental health, it could be anything, but a good example is “I would like to stabilize my moods.” Now, set the piece of paper to the side, and grab a white cloth, or even a blank piece of paper. Whatever you have on hand is fine.

You will need a crystal quartz point for the energizing stone to set in the middle. Now, arrange as many of the healing stones as you have. (The more the better….) Arrange them around the quartz point. Set the piece of paper beneath the quartz point and hold your hands over the crystals. Announce your request out loud.

Focus your intentions on the stones and continue to do so until you can feel your intentions pouring into the stones. Now, leave the grid up for as long as you feel it is necessary.

The second route you can go is to meditate with your crystals placed on your body. For mental health, I typically place one on my third eye, another over my heart, and another over my throat. Clear your mind and focus on the stones. Imagine their energies flowing through your chakras and healing you. Meditate for as long as you feel necessary.

And last but not least, simply carry the stones around with you in a little healing pouch. Many people carry these pouches around their necks, however, you can simply carry them in your purse or pocket.

Once again, I am in no way suggesting that you replace a doctor’s advice with crystals. Instead, use the crystals along with your current treatment plan to see optimal results.


This was originally published by Awareness Act.


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